One Day MBA book – published and proving very popular!

The definitive, pragmatic guide for understanding and managing businesses in the toughest of circumstances, because it has never been more important to ensure that you MORE »

EU report challenges progress on digital targets and NGA competitiveness…but suggests the wrong answer.

In a sad definition of what we all know, an EU report here highlights a failure to implement the recommendations of the September 2010 report MORE »

The rise of the NBN

From Qatar to Australia the talk has been of government driven, national broadband networks. Having created one from scratch with the Ventura Team partners – MORE »

Business case craziness

Company X decided to negotiate for a few extra million dollars off their network capex. The delay cost them a loss of $50 million in MORE »


Fibrenomics – Community – Google+

Fibrenomics – Community – Google+.

Stefan, resident fibre and finance guru is now using Google+

You can find him here..

BSG discredited: KC reacts to bandwidth projections

Who are these people? They seem to have no idea what is going on in more advanced markets. As one of the world’s leading economies surely the UK should be a leading broadband market but in general it is not the case. The BSG defends the status quo and seemingly ignores reality elsewhere. Shame.

thinkbroadband :: KC reacts to bandwidth projections.

BT made excess profits of £5bn 2006-2013 according to Frontier Economics

Interesting report. Yes prepared for Vodafone but plenty of ex-BT people at Frontier I believe. It does not address the replacement anomaly per se but related the related issue of prices v reasonable costs. Still, suggests another way in which the UK telecom regulatory system has not been working well.

report into BT profitability of regulated services

Not symmetric, not fast, not super, not fibre – and not relevant. | Groupe Intellex

Not symmetric, not fast, not super, not fibre – and not relevant. | Groupe Intellex.


Comment on his blog from David Brunnen re the replacement anomaly after we met recently.


How BDUK bungled Britain’s next-gen broadband rollout | PC Pro blog

The first few minutes of video is worth watching if you have the time but the article here summarises the main points re the BDUK debacle.

How BDUK bungled Britain’s next-gen broadband rollout | PC Pro blog.

FTTH Council draws on my recent report for EU response

An excellent submission to the EU’s consultation on FTTH investment by the FTTH Council takes and builds on the ideas generated last year in my finance stimulus report. A great deal is added of course and several news insights and ideas. Good work. Lets hope someone takes note.Link to FTTH COUNCIL EUROPE RESPONSE TO CONSULTATION ‘LONG TERM FINANCING OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY’

Scottish Government financing NGA infra event report

My recent presentation (and those of other speakers) from the afternoon event in Glasgow recently is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Subject: Announcement from Scotland’s Digital Dialogue
A key element of the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland to be a world-class digital nation by 2020 will be future-proofed digital infrastructure that supports any device, anywhere, anytime connectivity across Scotland. Significant investment is already being made by industry, and by Scottish Government through our Step Change Programme.

However, fulfilment of the world-class vision may require new ways of financing digital infrastructure. In May, experts in the field came together with an invited audience to explore how innovative financial and commercial models could accelerate fibre roll-out; how these could be designed to attract new investors or sources of finance; and what form public intervention should take.

See videos and presentations from the event at: Video of proceedings .

Telecom Italia to demerge fixed business to fund €10bn FTTH

TI news item

The article reports that Telecom Italia will spin-off its fixed assets so it can pull in money from a long term state investment fund to fund a €10 billion FTTH programme. Cannot see anything on the investor relations pages yet. Interesting stuff!

Scotland 13th May

I will be speaking at the WORLD CLASS DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING EVENT – 13 MAY 2013; 3-5pm in Edinburgh. The political dynamic in the run up to the independence referendum is generating debate on many topics including the fibre switchover and how Scotland might promote such investment in its infrastructure. It will be an interesting discussion.